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Lady GaGa – Love Game (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)

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RevoLucian & Christian Bale – Bale Out

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Almost two years later and I still love this one.

Dev – Bass Down Low (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)

I’ve been waiting for someone to fix this song. Well here it is and it’s perfect. Daniel Graves is my short duration personal saviour. Watch for the new Aesthetic Perfection album in early November.

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Download the song for free at !

Aesthetic Perfection – Living The Wasted Life (Machineries Mix)

Here’s a hard hitting track from Aesthetic Perfection. I really like the balance of the harsh vocals against the much sweeter synth line.

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Imperative Reaction – Only In My Mind

Here’s a catchy track from Imperative Reaction. I’m really big on transitions, and though it’s as simple as it could possibly be, I’m captivated with the synth line that takes us out of the chorus. The hook is addictive, and the verses serve well to build tension going into it. The synth solo brings in that extra burst of energy that makes the track a hit on the dance floor, or the floor in your room.

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Necessary Response – Spilling Blood

Necessary Response is a side project of Daniel Graves, who is perhaps better known for his work under the name Aesthetic Perfection.

This copy of the track sounds a little cleaner than the other copies on youtube.

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Helalyn Flowers – E-Race Generation

No, this song doesn’t make any more sense once you can tell what all the lyrics are.

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Agonoize – Sacrifice (Chinese Theatre Hard Remix)

The contrast of the pretty electronic lines with the harsh vocals makes this Chinese Theatre remix really stand out. Between that and the driving bass, it’s hard not to bob your head while listening. You can find more Chinese Theatre remixes on Myspace.

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